Tuition , Boarding and Financing

Mandeville Academy is a private not for profit, equal opportunity institution. Therefore we are dependent on sponsorship and donations to keep tuition fees as low as possible and non-restrictive. 

Tuition [and residence] fees for 2020 consist of 3 components. 

The academic year runs from 1 October to 1 July. Students move onto and off of campus between 15 September and 15 July.

1. Registration fee

A fixed one off fee of EUR 2.000 to be paid prior to 16 September 2020

2. Tuition 

Tuition fees include all instruction materials, supplies as well as excursions. For 2020 tuition is EUR 10.000. If paid in advance of October 2020 a 2.5 % discount is applied resulting in fees of EUR 9750. We do offer the opportunity to pay the tuition fees in a maximum of 10 installments of EUR 1.000 each, subject to personal circumstances.

3. Boarding fees

During instruction students are required to live on campus. Students are expected to join as of 19:30 Sunday Evening and vacate the premises on Friday 17:30 at the latest. Mandeville is closed during holidays. Students are responsible for decoration of their rooms (brengen zij zelf bedden etc>???). The boarding fees which includes room and board are set at EUR 500 per month to be paid in 10 monthly installments from October 2020 until June 2021. These charges are separate from instruction fees.


We continuously seek to keep the payable tuition fees as low as possible to enable anyone that meets the selection criteria to join the academy. We therefore appeal to private enterprise and public funds to provide support. We are keen to present ourselves to potential sponsors and explain how we believe we can contribute both to society at large and to individual companies or institutions as well. Mandeville seeks a mutually beneficial relationship for all stake holders.

It is encouraged that students endeavor to find their own sponsorship. Mandeville provides support and advice in that effort. You might find people around you that would be willing to support, where work and assignments can be offered in exchange or leverage resources such as a GoFundMe page. Do no underestimate your abilities, you ARE gifted.

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