The academic program at Mandeville academy is tailored to gifted students. Gifted is defined as students who belong to the highest 2 percentile for general intelligence, therefore being higher than 98% of the general population.

Statistically the Netherlands boasts 340,000 gifted individuals. What the exact cut offs are in terms of definition is largely dependent on the test used. Generally an IQ in excess of 2 times the standard deviation of the average of 100 would be the highest 2 percentiles. The generally accepted test in the Netherlands tends to have a standard deviation of 15 as a result an IQ of 130 and above would classify “gifted”. There are an increasing number of tests with a higher standard deviations resulting in a higher minimum IQ requirement.

The pre-requisite of registration is a score in the 98th or 99th percentile of an accredited and valid IQ test.

Even if a general description of gifted people is impossible to provide, gifted people are as varied as the remainder of the population, they do distinguish themselves by their ability to grasp complex issues very quickly as well as their ability to acquire new knowledge rapidly. They tend to have high expectations of both self and others.

More information can be found on the website of Mensa Nederland a gifted community.

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