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Did you finish your school curriculum ahead of time? Were you a young VWO or bachelor’s graduate? Or did you perceive school to be a necessary evil and managed to graduate without due effort? Did you feel an outsider in the educational system and are self-taught? Would you want to think as fast and varied as your capacity allows? Would you like to be introduced to a variety of disciplines, professions, and organizations? Would you like to be instructed by the cream of the crop of the Netherlands? Participate in the complex (classified) real-life issues of blue-chip organizations? Live amongst peers but with your private bedroom? Uncover your strengths? In that case, Mandeville is for you.

The curriculum at Mandeville is exclusively for gifted students. Mandeville caters to students who belong to the 2% highest percentile – higher than 98% of the general population. Mandeville is an independent educational facility allowing gifted students to learn in aenvironment that suits their needs 

Mandeville is a melting pot of people from different backgrounds. An eclectic group of free-spirited thinkers with their exceptional intelligence in common. Mandeville does not discriminate on the basis of heritage, race, gender, gender identity, sexuality, political or philosophical preferences. Respect for each other is a core value.  

To keep tuition fees as low as possible, we are looking for contributors. We are keen to meet potential sponsors to present our unique program. In addition, there may be potential for a mutually beneficial relationship. Mandeville stands for growth, impact, and community for all stakeholders. Can you provide us with introductionsLet us know and connect to Harry Veenendaal – Director at 06-13132085 or 

Thank you for your interest and cooperation.  

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