Mandeville has a maximum capacity of 10 students annually. The most suitable students are selected. Whilst IQ is a pre requisite, students are tested on suitability, motivation and drive. Anyone between the ages of 16 and 20 who meets the pre requisite of the 98th or 99th percentile and is invited to enter the admissions process. 

The prerequisite should be demonstrated by a statement of a qualified Psychologist, membership of Mensa Nederland or associated organizations under the Mensa International Umbrella. Subject to specific circumstances the age requirement can be discussed.

By means of personal interviews, the selection committee will establish if the candidate suits the Mandeville concept. The process includes a [wat is een socialisatie verslag], a case study, a presentation and a [wat is een signaleringsplan]. The selction committee consist of a member of the board, a psychologist and a group coach. For the “Cold Case” module a separate screening by competent authorities is required. 

Although a VWO diploma is not a requirement, it does have our strong preference.  Demonstration of appropriate abilities is required. 

Interested? Do you think you qualify even if not certified (yet) contact us. t

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