Are you highly gifted and between 16 and 20 years of age? In that case, Mandeville Academy is there for you!


Mandeville is a campus based educational year, an academic breeding ground where you learn to allow your freedom of thought to excel and where you can grow your personality in the broadest way possible. All of this, guided by people from the pinnacle of both the public and the private sector as well as scientific and arts communities.


Ad Tempus Vitae

10 reasons to choose Mandeville:

1. Complex, topical and multidisciplinary case based education

2. Acquired skills are immediately applied to complex real life issues and cases

3. Structured and methodical thinking allowing for serendipity

4. Soft skills: Socials skills, meet peers and learn martial arts

5. Introspection: Under what conditions and circumstances does your power of thought function best

6. Chivalry and Etiquette: Learn amongst other things, cooking, social etiquette and how to carry yourself in unfamiliar circumstances.

7. Network: Mandeville offers a strong network of not only like minded people but also people in the public and private sector, as well as scientific and arts communities

8. Academic [incubator] breeding ground, think as varied and fast as you can

9. Pioneering: Your hard work and effort will allow you to go beyond frontiers

10. Uniqueness: Allow your unique views the opportunity to unfold in Mandeville’s top program!

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