Would you have the courage to present your analysis of a problem provided to you by the president of the Dutch Bank?


Have you had the opportunity to advise the Royal Marine forces about the environmental and geopolitical implications if the Barentzstraight would be opened for traffic from Rotterdam to China year round?
Would you be able to develop an algorithm to predict what manuscript becomes a bestseller?
In other words; what would happen if your exceptional ability of thought is applied to a variety of problems of public, private and scientific interest.
Mandeville offers a small group of gifted students the opportunity to apply their exceptional intellect to a variety of real life issues. Along the way you’ll discover your individual drives, talents and interests. As a result you will be able to find your own unique track and prepare yourself for the subsequent steps in your personal development and growth.

Mandeville 360° Bildung

Our curriculum “Mandeville 360 Bildung” is built up along 4 pillars namely personal development, private enterprise, public sector and the arts. Within these pillars there is a variety of subjects. We work along the line of the higher Order thinking of the taxonomy of Bloom (see: Curriculum building blocks for further detail) to provide our students with appropriate challenge to their abilities. Where some of the subjects focus on analysis, others on review whilst the most challenging of assignments deal with creating and executing new ideas.

Our educators are top executives from private enterprise, leaders in the public sector, top scientists and renowned people in the arts such as Maarten Feteris (President of the supreme court of the Netherlands, Yvonne Keuls (bestselling author), Alexander Rinnooy Kan (Professor Economics and Business at the UvA) Ronald Poetiray (Specialist advisor Joint Warfare, Ministry of Defence), Kitty Nooy (former Head Public Prosecution), Luke Disney (former executive director Insead Sustainability Institute), Ger Koole (Professor Mathematics, VU), Marlies Dekkers (entrepreneur), Edmond Foller van Crayestein (violinist and working with Intelligence Services) Les Hoogduin (Professor Complexity and Uncertainty of the Financials Markets RUG), Jean Paul van Oudheusden (former COO IEX Group N.V.), Remco Breuker (Professor Korean studies, University of Leiden) and many more.

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