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WIN WIN: in-depth course two-party integrative (win-win) negotiations.

The art of deal making comprising joint gains. The fee contains the lecture, study book ‘Negotiation Analysis’ by Howard Raiffa, syllabus, lunch and drinks.

€ 995,-- ex. btw.**

Locatie: Mandeville HQ te Gouda.

Fiscal deduction study costs: as entrepreneur or employee you can benefit of the personal fiscal deduction for study costs. This means that costs of education, depending on your income threshold, can be deducted. The Tax Office pays therefore part of your education.

** By participating you support the Mandeville Boarding School for Highly Gifted students. A percentage of the costs are redirected to the Mandeville Scholarship Fund. Highly Gifted students from challenging economic circumstances can receive a scholarship.

WIN WIN is an in-depth course which deals with the art of negotiation skills to create a WIN-WIN situation. WIN-WIN negotiations are aimed at deal making and are more corroborative instead of settling disputes. In WIN-WIN the student will be introduced to the basic theoretical concepts of negotiations and learn, for example, that a thorough preparation and applying a (flexible) template will safe weeks if not months of unnecessary talks.

WIN WIN enables the student to organize and manage a professional deal team. How do you compile the best deal team within your organization? How do you determine each deal team member’s contribution to the negotiations? How do you evaluate a deal team member’s performance? And how do you manage your board who pushes you for a high savings/gains and a swift deal preferably before the end of the financial quarter?

WIN WIN enables you to be sufficient prepared for your negotiations using the magnitude of information which is nowadays digitally available such as personal information, company information, market assessments, financial analysis, client portfolio’s etc. It’s necessary to define a efficient quantitative approach to the negotiations. In WIN-WIN you learn the four basic phases of negotiations; the unilateral preparation phase, the mutual preparation phase, the further negotiations phase and finally the closing phase.

WIN WIN is aimed at reaching a deal which is comprised at joint gain. You learn how to determine the preferred gains of the other party and how to reach mutual understanding considering all relevant stakeholders.

WIN WIN shall:

  • offer you a hands-on, practical insight in the theoretical aspects of negotiations
  • offer practical tools to comprise your own professional deal team
  • explain which internal and external actors must be present in which phase of the negotiations
  • introduce you to the four phases of negotiations
  • enable you to realize the maximum benefits in your negotiation

WIN WIN target audience: General Counsel, (Corporate) Legal Counsel CIO, CEO, Attorneys. Account manager, Procurement

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