Education Minister Marielle Paul teaches at Mandeville

Mandeville Academy is an independent educational institute that offers gifted young people the space to study in a way that suits them. Today I talked to students, together with Marieke Maesen (very nice to do this as a tandem!).

Various themes were discussed for three hours. The importance of being yourself (‘you are good just the way you are’), contact with development peers, that one teacher who understands you and offers you the flexibility to organize your school work in your way and at your pace, online education and so on. much more.

We also discussed concrete solutions, such as more full-time HB schools and better anchoring of knowledge about giftedness. Not only in primary and secondary schools, but also in childcare, at child health centers and of course in all training courses where the professionals in question are prepared for their profession. The students indicated that they were annoyed by the problematization of giftedness and all the ‘diagnoses’. Rightly so!

It was a great afternoon. Many thanks to all students for your openness and very sharp contributions. Many thanks for all the wonderful work and hospitality, Harry Veenendaal & team. We’ll keep in touch!

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