Valeriia Kolomiets, State Secretary for Justice & European Integration Ukraine teaches at Mandeville

Mandeville Academy is very honored to have Mrs. Valeriia Kolomiets – Deputy Minister of Justice For European Intergration of Ukrain – giving a guest lecture on March 16, 2023. Mrs. Kolomiets will describe the current situation in Ukraine. In addition – once the Russian aggressor has been defeated – Mrs. Kolomiets will elaborate on Ukraine’s future in Europe, especially EU-membership, the reconstruction of #Ukraine and how the West can help.

For example: should there be a Marshall plan put in place for the reconstruction of Ukraine? Linked to entry into the internal market? Given the enormously long time eframe for entry into the internal market, what other economic arrangements could support Ukraine’s economy? No/limited import duties/tariffs?

We are so looking forward to this lecture!

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