Himmler/Grunberg dialogue a great success

On May 24, 2023, the students of Mandeville Academy organized the Himmler/Grunberg dialogue. Katrin Himmler (grandniece of Heinrich Himmler) talked to Arnon Grunberg (bestselling author and traumatized by his parents’ Auschwitz past). It was a meaningful, emotional evening. The evening was introduced by Hans Pieter Sklapdel (lecturer/moderator Mandeville). Katrin Himmler Attentive hearing Audience asks questions … Lees verder →

Himmler/Grunberg dialogue May 24, 2023

The students of Mandeville would like to invite you to the interesting, unique Himmler – Grunberg dialogue. Katrin Himmler and Arnon Grunberg will discuss tolerance and vigilance against (dormant) extremism. Katrin Himmler is the grandniece of Heinrich Himmler (Holocaust creator/executor). She bears her name as the ‘original sin’ of her family. Arnon Grunberg is traumatized … Lees verder →

Francois Vrancken lecture a great success

The FVL2023 organized by the students was a great success. The bearers of the Royal Military William Order (Gijs Tuinman, Roy de Ruiter and Marco Kroon) entered into a conversation with Brigadier General Akram Sameh (Afghan National Army). The theme was: the price of freedom. The evening was introduced by Mayor Pieter Verhoeve (Gouda). The … Lees verder →

Students visit NautaDutilh Amsterdam

This week our gifted students were guests at NautaDutilh lawyers in Amsterdam. What a great welcome. The students were given a great case to work on, with a winner in the end (Milan). Well done and many thanks to top lawyer Sarah Zadeh for the wonderful and educational afternoon. Gouda#nautadutilh

Merel Pontier and Clinton Young teach at Mandeville

On April 10, Merel Pontier, (top) lawyer in Austin (Texas) will lecture at Mandeville Academy. Merel assists people on death row. Sometimes convicts turn out to be innocent. Merel recently achieved her first Pyrrhic victory with the release of Clinton Young. Clinton Young will teach at Mandeville on April 24. Clinton unjustly spent 21 years … Lees verder →

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