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DIXIT ALGORIZMI: EU-regulations for algorithmic accountability & transparency: are you prepared?

The impact of coming EU-legislation on your corporate business model: are you prepared? The fees contain class, study book ‘Weapons of Math Destruction’ by Cathy O’Neil, lunch and drinks.

€ 1.495,-- ex. btw.

Location: Mandeville HQ, Gouda.

Fiscal deduction study costs: as entrepreneur or employee you can benefit of the personal fiscal deduction for study costs. This means that costs of education, depending on your income threshold, can be deducted. The Tax Office pays therefore part of your education.

Target audience: General Counsel’s, (Corporate) Legal Counsel CIO, CEO, Attorneys.

** By participating you support the Mandeville Boarding School for Highly Gifted students. A percentage of the costs are redirected to the Mandeville Scholarship Fund. Highly Gifted students from halflange economic circumstances can receive a scholarship.

Many algorithms underpin many business models and platforms in the digital single market. With the emergence of artificial intelligence, machine learning applications and robotics this question will become important soon. Accountability and/or transparency is evident. The EU parliament held on 15 November 2017 a hearing regarding algorithmic accountability & transparency. In 2017-2018 this subject will be high on the political agenda. It means that most likely EU-legislation will be prepared to set rules for the implementation of algorithms, make it more transparent and have sufficient (governmental) oversight.

DIXIT ALGORIZMI will give an outline of the discussions held and explore the possible ramifications of legislation for your organization.

DIXIT ALGORIZMI target audience: General Counsel’s, (Corporate) Legal Counsel CIO, CEO, Attorneys.


  • Explain the principle of algorithms in products and companies (no mathematical knowledge is required)
  • Inform you about the latest discussions on EU-level in drafting legislation and/or code of conducts
  • Inform you about the latest insights of the Dutch Consumer & Market Authority (Autoriteit Consument & Markt) on the application of algorithms in products;
  • Analyse the impact of possible EU-legislation on your corporate business model: should you be prepared?
  • Offer you a network of relevant stakeholders in the discussion

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