For whom?

Highly talented

The Mandeville Academy is open to all highly talented adolescents. With this broad term the Mandeville Academy indicates this young group in society that scores higher on intelligence test — with a test that is culturally independent preferably — in the highest two percentiles, higher than 98% of the general populace. Statistically this means there are about 340,000 highly talented people in the Netherlands. Depending on the test used, it is determined at what IQ level highly talented people are found. As a rule of thumb it means the IQ needs to be twice the average deviation above 100 in order to be in the range of the highest two percentiles. The most tests in the Netherlands have an average deviation of 15, which means the results from such a test need to indicate an IQ above 130 in order to be called highly talented. However, there are also tests that have a higher standard deviation, meaning a higher IQ is needed to fall in the upper two percentiles.

Highly talented people are as diverse as other people. There is no general characterisation. However, they do profess a quick grasp of complex matters and a large capacity for learning new things. They often set high standards for themselves and for others.

More information about highly talented people can be found on the Mensa website. Mensa is an international organization for highly talented people.


The Mandeville Academy has the capacity for 15 students each year. Only the most talented students will be selected. The selection is open to all who are between 18 and 25 years old and has been tested before he or she can be called highly talented. This can be via a psychologist’s statement, a membership of Mensa Nederland or other societies belonging Mensa International. If you want to know more, please contact us, even if you think you fall in this category but have never been tested.

Tuition and other costs

The Mandeville Academy is a private school. The tuition is yet to be determined. Included in this fee are: teaching, learning materials, excursions and a study trip. Each student will live in the school. The fee for board and lodging is based on a shared room and full board will be charged separately each month. Weekends and holidays will be included in this fee.. Please contact us for more information.

The Mandeville Academy adheres to the principle of equality in education and profession. If students and their parents can show they have insufficient funds to pay for tuition, there are options available to be able to attend Mandeville Academy. We can help you in finding funding and a limited number of scholarships will be made available each year by our sponsors. Please contact us for more information.

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