Open Evening | Academic year 2024-2025 | Thursday June 13, 2024 | 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

On Thursday, June 13, 2024, Mandeville Academy is organizing an Open Evening for the 2024-2025 academic year. Are you a (U)HB student? No idea what kind of life you want to lead? No idea what career you want to follow? No idea whether someone is waiting for your thinking capacity? Would you like to be … Lees verder →


Today the students presented the standings of the PIEN course to Agaath and Jochem Rebel (sister/brother of Pien Rebel)! PIEN! stands for Politics In A Nutshell and bears the name of Pien Rebel, who we lost far too young. Pien was a simple, super intelligent and, above all, modest personality with a razor-sharp sense of … Lees verder →

Frank Rossel (director of Promen) teaches.

Last week Frank Rossel, director of Promen, lectured. The mission is to develop people with a vulnerable position on the labor market into paid work and thereby contribute to their self-reliance. The students get to work on a great case.

Maaike Schravesande and Joost de Jong (Heijmans) teach.

Last week, Joost de Jong, project developer, and Maaike Schravesande, developer/commercial manager, lectured at @heijmansnl. With a new super cool assignment. Thanks! See you soon.

Students held hostage! DSI and MARSOF intervene

Here are official photos of yesterday’s anti-terrorist exercise in Rotterdam. Our students were taken hostage by terrorists. The Special Interventions Service (DSI) and Maritime Special Operation Forces (MARSOF) put an end to it with impressive professionalism.


INVITATION Bettina Röhl – investigative journalist and daughter Ulrike Meinhof (founder of the Red Army Faction) will deliver the Francois Vrancken Lecture 2024. Theme: ‘Generation 1968 vs generation 2024’. Protest movements with the same paradigm, different theme.

Alumnus Anika Smits starts her own business

Today alumnus Anika had a photo shoot for her new company. After completing her bachelor’s degree in law with great success, she opted for entrepreneurship. HURRAH!

ORTEC donates laptops to Mandeville

HURRAH! Tech company ORTEC provided laptops to Mandeville. Thanks to this donation, the computing power increases substantially. This is synergy between ORTEC and Mandeville: bringing together super talent and exceptional possibilities for unprecedented end results.

General Han Bouwmeester teaches

Today Brigadier General Han Bouwmeester, professor of Military Operational Sciences at the Dutch Defense Academy, once again lectured at Mandeville. Topic: geopolitics. Thanks Han, see you next time.


Invitation! Graduation seminar ‘REMCO, RON & HANS. A geopolitical evening ‘aha, that’s how it works!’ With Remco Breuker (professor of Korean Studies), Ron Keller (formerly NL ambassador to Russia & China, among others) and Hans van Koningsbrugge (professor of Russian History & Politics).

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