Creative afternoon with Miss Moneypenny

Miss Moneypenny, Margreet Tilmans, regularly teaches drawing lessons. Away from the cognitive and casual messing around. Sometimes very nice. Thanks, Margreet!

prof.dr. Marc Bruijnzeels (LUMC) teaches.

Today Marc Bruijnzeels, Associate Professor/Educational Director MAS Population Health Management LUMC, lectured at Mandeville. Wonderful lecture, thanks Marc!

Donald Pagrach about May 4 and 5

This morning Donald Pagrach taught. About a new/different interpretation of May 4 and 5. Donald lost his family in the camps. Despite this, he has a liberal vision: from commemoration, via remembering to inventing. But how? The students are working on that.

Margreet Spijker (RTL News) starts lecture series

This afternoon Margreet Spijker (journalist, talent supervisor and vml presenter RTL Nieuws) taught the first lecture of a series of presentation techniques at Mandeville. Very cool lecture (as always). Thanks, Margreet! Until next week.

Dr. Iris van Beuzekom teaches at Mandeville

Today Dr. Iris van Beuzekom lectured as an external expert for the SHELL project. Good lord, exceptionally giftedness has reached the next level. What brain power and ability to formulate understandably complex topics in an understandable way. Thanks, Iris.

Nico van der Windt teaches at Mandeville

Nico van der Windt taught on Friday. After an extremely impressive career – during which we have stopped counting the number of ‘executive manager’ positions – he now works as an associate at the Business Support Center for Contract Research and Business (EUR).

Jan Pronk teaches at Mandeville

Yesterday Jan Pronk, vml., taught. Minister of Development Cooperation at Mandeville. How very refreshing to hear the old social democrat deliver such a fervent speech. Thanks, Jan! Until next time.

Focus training for students

Yesterday the students received focus training from Josephina Frauenknecht. Super important, especially during this period with many deadlines at Mandeville and – for some – the final exams. Thanks, Jo!

Students at Club Klei

Today the students visit Club Klei. Under the guidance of master ceramist Bas Lindenhof, the students will work on basic turning & hand shaping. The students get to work with turntables, several hand molding areas, examine the clay roller, view the extruder and learn basic glazing and baking in the oven. Club Klei is recommended … Lees verder →

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