The class 2022-2023 has started the academic year. Lecturer Bart van Beuzekom started his lectures ‘Climate Change’.

The class of 2022-2023!

We are proud to present the Mandeville class 2022-2023. You are missing a student (Sophie) who is not in the picture, but who is definitely part of it!

Introduction road trip to Heiligenblut (Austria | Grossglockner)

Between 25 and 29 September 2022, the introduction trip 2022-2023 was for the new students. Also this year we traveled with 6 cars to Heiligenblut in Austria. This year, 3 alumni were part of the staff: Constantijn Hoctinboes (2021-2022), Ties Oosterman (2021-2022) and Henri Jeandarme (2019-2020). Henri is also a board member of the Endowment … Lees verder →

Minister Sigrid has opened the academic year Mandeville Academy

Yesterday, Minister Sigrid Kaag opened the academic year of Mandeville Academy. It was a great lecture where the students were able to ask lots of questions about fiscal policy and the euro system. The college was led by the skilled moderator Thierry van Vugt . The lecture was concluded with a beautiful poem by Chris … Lees verder →

Symposium on Reconciliation was a great success

Mandeville Academy organised an international symposium under the title ‘Reconciliation’ on 3 June 2022. Basim Razzo (keynote speaker) lost his family in Mosul (Iraq) in 2015 due to a bomb dropped by a Dutch F16. The pilot relied on erroneous information from US intelligence. Basim chose the path of Reconciliation. Basim’s story became known through … Lees verder →

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