Himmler/Grunberg dialogue a great success

On May 24, 2023, the students of Mandeville Academy organized the Himmler/Grunberg dialogue. Katrin Himmler (grandniece of Heinrich Himmler) talked to Arnon Grunberg (bestselling author and traumatized by his parents’ Auschwitz past). It was a meaningful, emotional evening. The evening was introduced by Hans Pieter Sklapdel (lecturer/moderator Mandeville).

Katrin Himmler

Attentive hearing

Audience asks questions

Arnon Grunberg en Katrin Himmler

Hans Pieter Slappendel provides the introduction

(vlnr) Donald Pagrach (Joodse gemeenschap Gouda), Hans Pieter Slappendel (Mandeville), Katrin Himmler en Pieter Dupon (Mandeville)

Students (Juliette and Tom) guide guests to their seats in St. John’s Church

Dinner Tuesday evening with (from left to right) Hans Pieter Slappendel (introductor/moderator Mandeville), Katrin Himmler and Donald Pagrach (Jewish community Gouda)

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